Our teachers really are the heart and soul of our preschool program. They not only teach our students new things in engaging ways every day, more importantly, they make school a loving and safe environment for all students to grow and learn.

The preschool has an excellent mix of seasoned teachers who have been with the school more than 10 years and new comers who bring their own years of experience teaching along with fresh ideas and approaches. 

We are lucky that the Preschool with Heart is blessed with so many wonderful teachers with heart. 

  Miss Elizabeth                     Miss Alicia

      Director of SWS                          Assistant to the Director


3 day Two's Teachers

Miss Janet and Miss Teresa


4 day Three's Teachers

Miss Ashley and Miss Melanie

5 day Four's Teachers

Miss Cindy and Miss Laura

5 day Two's Teachers

Miss Melissa and Miss Hannah


5 day Three's Teachers

Miss Miriam and Miss Kim

4 day Four's & TK Teachers

Miss Kim and Miss Brandi