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​Sardis Weekday School offers a morning program from 9am-1pm for ages 1-5 years' old children that stimulates the intellect, challenges the body, fills the spirit and above all, loves the child. We are the Preschool with Heart.

The Preschool with Heart Logo

A ministry of Sardis Presbyterian Church since 1954, the heart of our program is a staff that strives each day to introduce our children to the joy of learning, the warmth of sharing and the thrill of accomplishment.

Our mission is to to provide:

Learning opportunities for all children to experience success and enhance self-esteem.

A developmentally-based curriculum, offering experiences to foster social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

A climate of love, trust and understanding where each child’s value and growth are encouraged.

Opportunities for children to interact with peers in a loving environment.

About Us




Our popular toddler class offers 2, 3, or 5-day per weeks classes depending on availability and demand. 

Young 2's Class
We offer a young 2's class that is 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
Your child must turn two between 
2's Class


We offer classes for 2 year olds 3 or 5-days per week introducing them to projects and school curriculum. 

3's Class


Flexible classes accommodate 4 days and 5 days a week for 3 year olds looking to learn and grow with friends. 

4's Class


Our experienced teachers prepare the 4 year olds for kindergarten. We offer 4 and 5 day class options! 

Transitional Kindergarten


An class option for students who miss August cut off date to start school, but who turn 5 before December 1.  Learn more >>

Our Classes

We have over 65 years experience nurturing and educating children. 






"We love Sardis Weekday School! I only wish we'd found the school sooner so our oldest could have attended as well. The curriculum is rich, the teachers are experienced, and the administration is top notch. Everyone is kind and thoughtful - our whole family feels valued and supported. "The Preschool With Heart" is the perfect tagline!"

Amy T. (Mom of 4's Class)


Sardis Weekday School is truly the preschool with heart. That heart is what has kept our family here for almost 10 years straight. All four of our children have attended here and we have loved each and every year. The teachers give so much to their students, the curriculum is age-appropriate and fun, the fundraisers are precious because they usually involve our little ones, and the administration communicates clearly and with the safety and well-being of our children first and foremost. I could not imagine having spent these years anywhere else but at SWS and our whole family will miss it dearly when we move on. But we will continue to come back often!


"The welcoming community and warm staff. We are new parents and have loved the vibe from the first day."

Becka C. (Mom of 3 year old class and 2's MWF Class)

Penny H. (Mom of TK)



Our Address

6100 Sardis Road 

Charlotte, NC 28270

School Hours

Monday – Friday  9:00AM – 1PM​


Sardis Weekday School - Entrance
The Preschool with Heart
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